Resonance Acoustics worked with Lehrer Architects on the conversion of Hershenson Hall into the Katz Pavilion, a “Sports, Art and Culture” space. The new pavilion is a multi-purpose space that functions as a gym and hosts events such as small performances and weddings. The project comprises a renovation and an addition that incorporated large operable glass walls. The acoustical design objectives provided an inclusive acoustical environment that fosters a sense of togetherness and encourages participation, promotes the ability to hear faculty instructions by reducing overall noise buildup, and supports sound system clarity for both the permanent PA system and outside sound reinforcement systems. Resonance coordinated with the Architect and A/V consultant to incorporate acoustical finishes to achieve these objectives while satisfying the aesthetic vision of the project. Sound isolation and noise control of MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) equipment were also addressed.

Client Lehrer Architects
Year 2015-2017

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