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Resonance presents at Acoustics 2023 in Sydney, AUS

Posted on: February 26, 2024

By: Matthew Hudson

Randy Waldeck, principal at Resonance Acoustics, recently attended the Acoustics 2023 conference in Sydney, Australia. The conference was sponsored by the Australian Acoustical Society as well as the Acoustical Society of America. Randy presented a paper titled “Comparison of Facade Noise Reduction Measurement Methods: Field Results,” to discuss findings of recent measurement methods used to quantify the noise reduction of single- and multi-family home facades. This material presents follow-on research to the National Academies of Science research work (ACRP 02-51) previously conducted by the Resonance team and applies directly to work on residential noise insulation projects impacted by airports, rail, and other forms of transportation.

Please contact us here to discuss facade design if you have any questions or potential projects to discuss!

Click this link to view/download a copy of the presentation slides.
Comparison of Facade Noise Reduction Measurement Methods

The Acoustics 2023 conference covered many areas of architectural acoustics, environmental noise/vibration, and other acoustical topics such as underwater acoustics. In addition to technical topics, the traditional ASA “jam session,” tours of the Sydney opera house, and other social events took place.

Additionally, Resonance would like to congratulate Ben Markham of Acentech for being named an ASA Fellow, which was announced at the conference.

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