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Indi Savitala

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Indi Savitala, Acoustics Director

Indi has been playing percussion since third grade and graduated from the University of California in Davis with an undergraduate degree in Music with an emphasis on performance. Two weeks before graduation he was asked to perform percussion demonstrations for “acousticians” and heard Russell Johnson give a short lecture on acoustical terminology. This interaction put him on a path to attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and graduating with a Masters in Architectural Sciences with a concentration in Acoustics.

Indi has worked on projects throughout the U.S. and thrives on finding creative solutions for difficult projects. In addition to his vast experience with base-building, office tenant improvement, and school projects. He also specializes in providing 3D-acoustic models of performance spaces, houses of worship and recording studios.

Indi enjoys living in sunny Los Angeles with his family, and manages to squeeze in travel when his wife is on set producing or acting. In his free time he enjoys listening to music and watching TVs and movies.

My goal is to provide clear context so that our clients can easily understand technical acoustical jargon – translated to everyday language.

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